About Us

  • Industry 4.0 also sometimes referred to as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or SMART Manufacturing. This innovative philosophy mainly focuses on connecting physical with digital by synergic interface between hardware and software through internet technology. This further emphasizes on inter-connectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data monitoring to create more holistic and interconnected ecosystem for manufacturing enterprises.
  • Udhyog 4 .0 (U4) is a start-up initiation by professionals in 2019, and mainly provides technological solutions related to emerging technologies such as Industr y 4 .0. The U4 rejuvenates the existing manufacturing enterprise, and will transform it into SMART manufacturing enterprise . This will in turn reinvent the manufacturing process for you.
  • The U4 will assist in acquiring data from the process through sensors, stream the acquired data to cloud, perform data analytics for identifying critical parameters affecting quality. The U4 pioneered in supplying SMART Measurement Devices that will help in measurement fore quality of wax and shell used in investment casting foundries as per guidelines of Investment Casting Institute (ICI) USA.

  • The U4 also equipped with SMART Measurement Laboratory that provides services for measurement of wax and shell. Implementation of different products of U4 will change perception of the classical manufacturing enterprises, and leads to SMART Factory in future.